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Race report after 6 hours at Nürburgring

Posted by: on May 19th, 2012 Comments Off

GAZOO Lexus LFA #83 pits

We’re now 1/4 way through the 40th 24 Hours Nürburgring race. Our teams (GAZOO Racing and Toyota Swiss Racing) are performing well without incident. The race started with several accidents just 5 laps into the race. There’s always the fear of too much debris on the track causing damage to running cars. Right now, GAZOO Racing Lexus LFA #83 is in 20th position overall (1st in SP8 class). GAZOO Racing Toyota GT86 #165 is 92nd (3rd in SP3 class) and #166 is 93rd (4th in SP3 class). Toyota Swiss Racing Team’s Toyota GT86 #200 leads the V3 class and is 109th overall, while #201 is 159th and 4th in class. It’s completely dark now… Time to settle in for the night shift! More after the break.

Latest results versus qualifying positions

GAZOO Racing

Car   No.  Class  Overall   Gain/Loss
Lexus LFA  #83  1st (SP8)  20th  Up 12 places
Toyota GT86  #165  3rd (SP3)  92nd  Up 47 places
Toyota GT86  #166  4th (SP3)  93rd  Up 24 places

Toyota Swiss Racing

Car   No.   Class  Overall   Gain/Loss
Toyota GT86  #200  1st (V3)  109th  Up 46 places
Toyota GT86  #201  N/A  N/A  N/A


Update 23:30 CET: It appears Toyota Swiss Racing #201 was hit from behind by Porsche GT3 and is now, sadly, out of the race. The car is beyond repair. The team told me that the driver is OK, except a bit shaken. On the positive side of things, GAZOO Racing Lexus LFA is now in 19th position.

Here’s a video I filmed of a speedy pit stop, which nearly resulted in me being run over because I was a little too ambitious and got too close.

Photo Gallery

To the grid

Exiting pit lane

Swiss GT86


Grid walk


Iida and Wakisaka

LFA drivers

Big attraction

GT86 #166 drivers

Kageyama helmet

GT86 on grid

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