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10 hour race update from the Nürburgring

Posted by: on May 20th, 2012 Comments Off

GAZOO Toyota GT86 pits at night

The night has settled in, but it’s not in the least calm at the Nürburgring. As updated earlier, Toyota Swiss Racing Team sadly lost one of their GT86’s following an accident with a Porsche. GAZOO has had some niggles tonight (actually, it would be last night now, as it is 02:00 CET). When the Lexus LFA was scheduled to pit, the driver radioed in to say that there might not be enough fuel to get back. Luckily it managed to coast in and get refuelled in short order. However, not long after the stop – which saw some rush front end repairs – the LFA had to come back for a full front bumper replacement. It lost a little bit of time, so now need to catch up again. In the mean time, the remaining Toyota Swiss GT86 had a small part change to improve airflow into the engine. Not much time lost. Full results, pictures and videos after the break.

Latest results versus qualifying positions

GAZOO Racing

Car   No.   Class  Overall   Gain/Loss
Lexus LFA  #83  1st (SP8)  27th  Up 5 places
Toyota GT86  #165  2nd (SP3)  83rd  Up 56 places
Toyota GT86  #166  5th (SP3)  71st  Up 46 places

Toyota Swiss Racing

Car   No.   Class  Overall  Gain/Loss
Toyota GT86  #200   1st (V3)  111st  Up 44 places
Toyota GT86  #201   N/A  N/A  N/A

Here’s a video of a totally silent Lexus LFA coming in to refuel after being slightly short on the way in for a scheduled stop.

Photo Gallery (note: some from earlier when there was still daylight…)

GAZOO LFA #83 pits

Box! Box!


Driver change

We're ready for pit

Wakisaka ready

Bad news on radio

Rush repairs

Swiss GT86 pits


Small part replaced

Good as new!

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