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First light over the Nürburgring

Posted by: on May 20th, 2012 Comments Off

Sky's not so dark anymore

The inky black sky has now turned a deep blue tinge. Daylight is approaching. With just under 11 hours to go, we’re past half-way point. In the past three hours or so, the GAZOO Racing team and Toyota Swiss Racing team both made good progress. Everything is currently going smoothly. During the early hours of the morning, I spent some time with the GAZOO mechanics in the garage. I’ve been yawning uncontrollably but I hardly noticed anyone in the team showing even the slightest signs of tiredness. I’m sure they are. In fact, driver Wakisaka-san tweeted that he was still suffering from jet-lag. But, none of that is showing. I know they feel it, but all of them are focussed and clinical in every task they have to perform. You know we talk about training our people in one of the harshest motorsport environments possible? You can really see that all of them are taking up this challenge and getting on with it, with absolute professionalism. Latest result update after the break.

Latest results versus qualifying positions

GAZOO Racing

Car   No.  Class  Overall  Gain/Loss
Lexus LFA  #83  1st (SP8)  23rd  Up 9 places
Toyota GT86  #165  5th (SP3)  81st  Up 58 places
Toyota GT86  #166  2nd (SP3)  64th  Up 53 places

Toyota Swiss Racing

Car   No.  Class  Overall  Gain/Loss
Toyota GT86  #200  1st (V3)  101st  Up 54 places
Toyota GT86  #201  N/A  N/A  N/A

Here are two videos of the GAZOO Racing Toyota GT86 and Lexus LFA pulling off. Don’t they sound amazing? This is how I’m still awake after all this time.

Photo Gallery

No sign of tiredness

There's my car!

Driver change

Brake pad change


Kinoshita ends stint

GT86 night pit stop

Driver chat

Working hard!

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