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Triple class wins at 2012 24 Hours Nürburgring race

Posted by: on May 22nd, 2012 4 Comments

GAZOO Racing Lexus LFA crosses finish line

When the chequered fell at the Nürburgring on Sunday afternoon, both our GAZOO Racing and Toyota Swiss Racing teams erupted with joy, with mechanics and team members hanging over the pit wall to wave our drivers home. The GAZOO Racing Lexus LFA crossed the finish line 15th overall, having started from 32nd place on the grid. Perhaps more importantly, the LFA picked up a class win in the SP8 class. GAZOO Racing Toyota GT86 #166 also picked up a class win in the SP3 class, while #165 finished 3rd. Toyota Swiss Racing Team’s GT86 #200 surged back to claim victory in the V3 class despite losing #201 two hours into the race. More after the break.

First up, the final race results (places gained/lost versus qualifying positions):

GAZOO Racing

Car   No.  Class  Overall  Gain/Loss  Laps  Fastest lap
Lexus LFA  #83  1st (SP8)  15th  Up 17 places  147  08:44:636
Toyota GT86  #165  6th (SP3)  65th  Up 74 places  125  10:28.716
Toyota GT86  #166  1st (SP3)  26th  Up 92 places  129  10:22.014

Toyota Swiss Racing

Car  No.  Class  Overall  Gain/Loss  Laps  Fastest lap
Toyota GT86  #200  1st (V3)  77th  Up 64 places  119  10:50.821
Toyota GT86  #201  DNF  DNF  N/A  11  11:01.659

GAZOO Racing Toyota GT86 1st in SP3 class

If you missed the race, you can recap on our live blog coverage: Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2, Race report 1, 6 hours update, 10 hours update, half race update, 22 hours update.

To finish off my coverage on this year’s 24 Hours Nürburgring race, I would like to share with you something I heard during the team dinner on Sunday evening. One of our top-level executives from Toyota Motor Corp. in Japan gave a speech to congratulate the team and to pass on a message from President Akio Toyoda.

Toyoda-san said that the team’s achievement was down to great teamwork. Because the team was so gelled up, they were able to overcome difficulties during the race to end up clinching class victories. However, now that the team has achieved success, they should remain humble and accept the next challenge without complacency. Overconfidence, as such, will be more destructive than to allow the team to achieve further growth through improvement.

Within this message lies two key values at Toyota. It’s part of the Toyota Way. These two are “teamwork” and “respect”. All of us working at Toyota, whether you are in an office in Brussels or on the shop floor in Kentucky, are trained in this way of working. It may seem like common sense, but they give the company a great foundation upon which it can grow and continuously improve. From day one until the end of Sunday night, it has been an incredible practical demonstration of these values at work, and boy did it work!

Well done to the teams. Until next time…

Photo Gallery

Early morning rain shower

Flying LFA

GT86 #165 in action


Swiss GT86 #200

Team celebrates

Drivers celebrate

Tears of joy

Fun & games

Videos of the GAZOO Racing Toyota GT86 #166 pitting for the last time:

GAZOO Racing Team

GAZOO Racing Team

Toyota Swiss Racing Team

Toyota Swiss Racing Team

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  1. Konrad says:

    Congrats to the Toyota Swiss Raciong Team and Gazoo Racing!
    What a race!!!!

  2. Wilfred says:

    Big up to Swiss Racing Team and Gazoo Racing! WAKU DOKI, that was just great, thanks!

  3. Tune86 says:

    Great race, followed allong almost no sleep!
    Do you have a video when the 86 brakes caught fire? :)

    • Danny Chen Danny Chen says:

      That’s dedication! Great to hear that :) No video of the small issue with brakes though, sorry…