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Posted by: on March 4th, 2013 19 Comments


Introducing the all-new, all-electric TOYOTA i-ROAD. Making its World Premiere at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, the i-ROAD Personal Mobility Vehicle (PMV) is a new form of transportation offering greater flexibility in an urban environment. Read more after the break.

The i-ROAD seats two occupants in a comfortable, enclosed environment. With the vehicles unique “Active Lean” technology, the i-ROAD provides a safe, intuitive and enjoyable, helmet-free driving experience. The i-ROAD also incorporates an awesome rear-wheel steering system (see it in action in the video below).

With its near-silent EV powertrain, the i-ROAD is emissions-free. One 3-hour charge will give you a range of up to 50 km!

"Active Lean" technology

This cool compact PMV will make its debut tomorrow in Geneva. Although still in a concept stage, we will be putting compact PMVs based on the i-ROAD to work as part of an experimental project to evaluate market response. The three-year project will start at the end of 2014 in Grenoble, France.

Check out the i-ROAD in action in our brand new video:


Full picture gallery available here

Original teaser video

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  1. Scanie says:

    If heated and closed it could be used by car owners. If not, only motorcycle riders will be interested. A big truck would’nt see it on highway a rainy day. An electric iQ is more polyvalent to me.
    Would be interesting in european touristic areas with audio/video guide (with restaurants ads) and a transparent roof.

    • Alain Taverriti Alain Taverriti says:

      The aim of this vehicle is to be used in urban areas, its speed is limited to 50 km/h.
      And under these conditions, it will provide a safe driving experience.

  2. just ernst says:

    dear sirs, one qustion, why is the back-wheel in a video from you away from street??,….does not look save at all



  3. Sroka says:

    Ich hätte gern mehr zu diesem neuen n” Roller ” gewusst !
    Mit den freundlichsten Grüßen
    Joachim Sroka

  4. pim wijnmaalen says:

    oh.. so close!.. 50 km range is no good in Ireland though.. are you considering a different type of engine (please).. Diesel would be just fine, the extra weight won’t matter to much low down..

    • Alain Taverriti Alain Taverriti says:

      i-ROAD is mainly targetting teh needs for mobility in congested urban areas. It is designed as a clean, zero emission, alternative to individual cars. That’s why we believe a 50 km range is enough.

  5. pim wijnmaalen says:

    I still think it would do well for use outside the urban area. Something like the carver, but necessarily build for speed, like that one was. A two-seater could also work as a second car of course, get the daily shopping and all that. unfortunately I commute around 200 km every day, shame. And to Just Ernst, the back wheel is behind the right front, computer generated or not, the perspective seems right to me.

  6. Scanie says:

    Would be perfect in european historical cities (Roma, Lucca…). For customers to buy one, it would need a small trunk, even separable with rolls or a small two wheels lorry which would’nt need inclination.
    As an inner cities vehicle only, touristic or multiuser usage would be prevalent. Capability to bundle several would make possible variable length street “trains” for touristical purposes. One intermediate car could even leave train and catch another later…

  7. McAfeez says:

    please i love this mehn, when we gonna see it in market? how much is it gonna cost ?

  8. thomasssssss says:

    a great idea and a good solution for the future, as most cars transport only one person! the driver!

    but, 50 km cruising range are not enough.

    hope this vehicle will be realized in germany as soon as possible.


  9. daniel says:

    il seras disponible en 2014 aux québec
    a quel prix
    il y auras t-il un panneau solaire sur le véhicule
    seras t-il considéré comme une auto ou moto

    • Alain Taverriti Alain Taverriti says:

      Pour l’instant, il est encore trop tôt pour confirmer les spécifications du véhicule, son prix de lancement, etc… c’est encore un concept et une version définitive sera présentée plus tard.

  10. victor rojas says:

    Me llama la atención lo practico y util del modelo i road, hojala pronte llege a mi paíz Costa Rica, ya que la gasolina aquí es la más cara de toda Centroamerica, pero por nuestra riqueza hídrica, nuestra electricidad es producida por medio de embalses. Se que a muchos de ser posible cambiariamos nuestros vehículos de combustion por el iroad electrico.

  11. baldiniantonio says:

    ottimo sviluppo della tecnica da parte di Toyota, se conterrà i costi se ne può prevedere un grande sviluppo mondiale

  12. Sjors says:

    i like the i-road. I need a scootor for go to school but this i lovely. Can you drive it with a scooter licence? And how Much is the i-road