Anastasia Stoliarova
December 13, 2016
Toyota Hybrid beats Tesla in ADAC EcoTest

Five stars for the Prius even under stricter test conditions CO2 and pollutant emissions were also measured in real-world driving for the first time Prius Hybrid is also the most eco-friendly vehicle with combustion engine […]

Anastasia Stoliarova
July 15, 2016
Toyota EverTest – a trial by Mount Everest

The Dream, the Dare The large-scale Toyota EverTest project is complete. For three months – April, May and June 2016 – the expedition united brave and strong-minded mountaineers who took the challenge of the world’s […]

Anastasia Stoliarova
June 22, 2016
THUMS is having a baby!

Did you ever wonder how can you be sure a car’s safety features will give you and your passengers the right protection, if an accident happens? Did you ever wonder if the seatbelts will keep […]

Anastasia Stoliarova
April 14, 2016
Toyota Yaris – indestructible through generations / by ADAC

It is often said that the a model launch brings a breath of fresh air to the whole segment. First introduced in Europe in April 1999, Toyota Yaris entered the B-segment shoulder to shoulder with […]

Anastasia Stoliarova
March 31, 2016
Toyota’s Time Machine, the Setsuna Concept – more details unveiled

Hello folks, we are happy to update you on our previous post about the Setsuna Concept and share some gorgeous close-ups before you can visit Milan Design Week next month and “knock on wood” (gently, please). […]

Anastasia Stoliarova
March 8, 2016
Setsuna. Not just a car. A friend for life

Toyota’s Setsuna Concept Car Debuts at Milan Design Week Not another concept car! Exactly right. The Setsuna is not simply another concept car. It’s so different, so unique, so aesthetically beautiful and wonderfully crafted that […]

Anastasia Stoliarova
December 14, 2015
It all started with a cake … how we donated a Toyota PROACE and 26 000 Euros to charity

Cake bake sales, book sales, parties, quiz nights, lotteries, photo sessions and many different fundraising activities became a second job for various Toyota Motor Europe’s teams over a two-month period between October and November. It […]

Anastasia Stoliarova
October 6, 2015
Toyota retains crown for most valuable automotive brand

Toyota’s brand value grew by 16% to continue leading the automotive sector in the Best Global Brands 2015 report published by Interbrand while continuing to maintain its Top 10 position from last year.

Anastasia Stoliarova
September 15, 2015
IAA|Frankfurt Motor Show 2015|Live blog|Day 1|RAV4 Hybrid

NEW TOYOTA RAV4 HYBRID Prestige, comfort and efficiency By launching the new RAV4 model range we introduce our first hybrid compact SUV in Europe. Its full hybrid drive system combining a 2.5 litre petrol engine with a powerful […]

Anastasia Stoliarova
IAA|Frankfurt Motor Show 2015|Live blog|Day 1|Toyota Mirai

Putting the next 100 years in motion The Frankfurt Motor Show marks the European commercial debut of the Toyota Mirai. With the first European customers taking delivery in the coming weeks in Germany, Denmark and […]