Carol Coolsaet
September 4, 2017
Figure of the month: 90%

90% is the reduction of rear-end collisions thanks to Toyota’s set of advanced safety technologies. Instead of keeping safety features in a car only the happy few can afford, Toyota has been a strong advocate […]

Carol Coolsaet
June 26, 2017
The ABC of hydrogen

Hydrogen. Fuel cell cars. The Toyota Mirai. You may have heard about it – but how much do you know? Do the test. Impress your friends in the pub with below 26 buzzwords. And become […]

Carol Coolsaet
August 1, 2016
‘Sustainable Mobility Indicators’ – What are they?

First things first: What are the Sustainable Mobility Indicators (SMI)? They are a set of indicators for cities to make a holistic evaluation of their existing mobility system. Designed within the World Business Council for […]

Carol Coolsaet
Air quality and congestion: no more excuses for mayors & city planners

London is discussing to extend its current ‘Ultra Low Emission’ zone in the city centre before 2020 as initially planned. In Paris, in an attempt to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 75% by 2050, the […]

Carol Coolsaet
July 7, 2016
The third Toyota TS050 Hybrid WEC racing car: a well-kept secret unveiled

The press has been closely watching the performance of both Toyota TS050 racing cars that participate in this year’s WEC competition. But there is a third one that we have found out about and that […]

Carol Coolsaet
June 10, 2016
Toyota’s i-ROAD half way through Cité Lib by Ha:mo trial

No more getting wet on a bike or frustrated in case of missing a bus. That is, if you live in Grenoble. Do you remember that day when you missed the last bus? When it […]

Carol Coolsaet
May 3, 2016

Can you believe that Toyota has just built its 10 millionth car in Europe? It is a big number to try to imagine, but if you parked each one nose-to-tail, they would just about circle […]

Carol Coolsaet
April 22, 2016
Belgium is connecting to the growing European hydrogen station network with 1st public station in Zaventem

Last time we created some buzz around the 1st public hydrogen station to be constructed in Belgium (Zaventem), there wasn’t actually much to see. Except for a ceremony attended by high level people digging a […]

Carol Coolsaet
December 21, 2015
German driver becomes Toyota’s millionth hybrid customer in Europe, goes home with two Auris Hybrids

When he got up in the morning of November 11th, Victor Dugonics was already excited. A few days before, we called him to let him know he was the millionth customer in Europe to choose a […]

Carol Coolsaet
September 15, 2015
IAA|Frankfurt Motor Show 2015|Live blog|Day 1|The New Prius

NEW PRIUS The rebirth of the pioneer The introduction of the all-new fourth generation Prius marks a further advance in the history and achievements of Toyota’s hybrid power technology. The new model builds on the […]