Catherine Marchal
October 20, 2016
Students immersed in the Toyota Way

Work experience is great asset when you try to find a job when you have finished school. Ed and Rob are two British students who had the chance to gain work experience over the last […]

Catherine Marchal
June 14, 2016
A fragrant indoor garden to enjoy during Green Month

When you think of spring, you can almost smell freshly mowed grass and blossoming plants.  Who would expect this kind of smell in an office? Since a few days, this is reality in our Head […]

Catherine Marchal
September 30, 2015
Toyota Mirai: innovation of the decade

Germany’s Center of Automotive Management selects the 100 most disruptive automotive innovations.
Comparison of over 8,000 innovations in the automotive industry

Catherine Marchal
August 12, 2015
6,420 horsepower brought together – petrol heads at Toyota Motor Europe

Each year at TME we hold Petrolheads & Passion event for all car lovers who would like to showcase their four-wheeled gems.

Catherine Marchal
July 30, 2015
Mini engineers go for big dreams

‘Galapiat’ is a French word, often used in the south of France, which means a ‘turbulent child’ (Larousse dictionary). The Galapiats, which we will be talking about here, is an association of 35 children, aged 10 to 16, in Grenoble, France.

Catherine Marchal
December 22, 2014
Did you ever wonder what Santa’s elves look like?

This Christmas blog post is dedicated to people in Toyota. Thank you for being with us and Merry Christmas!

Catherine Marchal
October 2, 2014
Live blog – 2014 Paris Motor Show : New Yaris Hybrid – Made in Europe

Designed at Toyota’s European Design Centre, the new Yaris was created in France by European Engineers for European customers.