Sylvie Caira
June 23, 2016
Mobility around your shoulders? How does it work? Project Blaid

Have you heard about the Blaid device? It is our way to help the blind and visually impaired people to increase their mobility, and one example of how we are working on shaping the future […]

Sylvie Caira
October 5, 2015
Ground-breaking: First public hydrogen station in Belgium is being built on Toyota land

There are times when ground-breaking moments call for an actual… ground breaking.

Sylvie Caira
September 15, 2015
IAA|Frankfurt Motor Show 2015|Live blog|Day 1|TNGA

Toyota New Global Architecture Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 marks the European premiere of the very first TNGA built vehicle – The New Prius, and we are thrilled to tell you more about the concept: Toyota New Global […]

Sylvie Caira
August 11, 2015
The future lands in Europe

It was the summer of 2000. The world had comfortably survived the Millennium Bug, Kylie Minogue’s “Spinning Around” was on top of the music charts in the UK, and Google had just released the first 10 language versions of in French, German, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch…

Sylvie Caira
June 26, 2015
First guests ready to check into the new Toyota Motor Europe hotels… the bee story

A few days ago we got some new colleagues in Toyota Motor Europe (TME). Why is this a news? Because they are a bit different…

Sylvie Caira
June 8, 2015
Green Month at Toyota Motor Europe

2015 marks the 12th year that we support the Green Month Campaign.  First started in Japan in June 1973, today it’s a Global environmental awareness campaign across all Toyota activities and entities.

Sylvie Caira
January 27, 2015
Toyota Motor Europe has the 2nd highest fiscal turnover of any Brussels based company

Toyota Motor Europe (TME)  ranks second in the list of top Brussels based companies as published in the January edition of  Bruxelles Metropole/Brussel Metropool magazine.

Sylvie Caira
October 2, 2014
Live blog – 2014 Paris Motor Show : Fuel Cell Sedan

Powering the future We consider fuel cell to be a key technology to future mobility – and on our stand at Paris we have another showstopper: the Fuel Cell Sedan. After 20 years of development, our first production hydrogen car.

Sylvie Caira
February 18, 2014
Epic Land Cruiser adventure

Swiss husband and wife Paul and Brigitta Bohlen Jüni are not your average couple. Having met and fallen in love in the Caribbean, they went on to tour Australia together, cementing their relationship with marriage […]

Sylvie Caira
January 3, 2014
Sustainability that’s “Always Better”

Toyota has published its seventh annual European Sustainability Report, providing an overview of the company’s environmental, social and economic performance under the company’s “Always Better” approach to sustainability.