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Chris Barrow

Mannheim was the starting point of an historic event way back in 1888 and the 4th stop on our tour.  Bertha Benz drove the Patent Motorwagen from Mannheim to Pforzheim a distance of 106km that represented the first real drive over a considerable distance.

The topic of our visit was how hydrogen is being entwined into the manufacturing industry of high energy consuming processes.  This was the question that Friatec asked themselves and resulted in the creation of a “first-of-its-kind” installation in Europe, a fuel cell power station.  It has a capacity of 1,4 megawatts and provides Friatec (a materials specialist) with virtually emission free electricity and heat.

The installation that was jointly installed by E.ON and FuelCell Energy Solutions uses natural gas, and through a non-combustion process creates hydrogen that is then used to generate electricity via a fuel cell.  The process also generates heat that is used on-site within Friatec’s industrial processes.

The installation covers 60% of the sites energy needs with an efficiency of more than 80%.  The plant has enabled the site to reduce its CO2 emissions by approximately 3000 tons per year.  This is the equivalent to 250,000 family cars driving 100km!  But it is not only CO2, the power plant emits no NOx, particulate matter or noise.  Truly one way of responding to the energy needs of industry in an environmentally considerate way.


A word from Friatec…..

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