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Chris Barrow

Stuttgart, traditionally known for its car industry was the final stop on our tour.  However we were not here to see cars……our interest was focussed on the DLR (the German Aerospace Centre) and the presentation of a commercially viable hydrogen plane for the future.

Here we saw how far hydrogen technology is spreading into every aspect of our lives.

The DLR and H2Fly presented a hydrogen powered aeroplane, the HY4, capable of transporting 4 people in emission free flight up to 1500km.


The HY4 is the world’s first four seater passenger aircraft powered solely by a hydrogen fuel cell and electric propulsion system.  It makes low noise, emits no particulate matter and makes CO2 free air travel a reality.

The vision in Germany is to develop an “electric air taxi” network that will link the 60+ regional and international airports. This will be the beginning of fast and flexible passenger transportation that can greatly contribute to reducing road congestion as well as bringing development opportunities to these regional transport hubs.

The next step is to produce a 40 seater aeroplane – “watch this space” or more appropriately “the skies”.

We’ll leave the last word to Josef Kallo, Energy Systems Integrator from the DLR – the sky is not the limit for Hydrogen!


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