A fragrant indoor garden to enjoy during Green Month
Catherine Marchal

When you think of spring, you can almost smell freshly mowed grass and blossoming plants.  Who would expect this kind of smell in an office? Since a few days, this is reality in our Head office in Brussels. Every time I walk in, I take a deep breath.

Maybe you remember last year, where we turned our atrium at TME head office into a park?  This year we have again a lovely green display that everyone can enjoy. Over 500 plants fill our atrium and give it a nice green touch. It is Toyota`s yearly celebration of Green Month, already for the 13th year in a row.

First started in Japan in June 1973, today Green Month is a global environmental awareness campaign across all Toyota activities and entities.

We are aiming at engaging employees and raising their environmental awareness on top of actual environmental activities that we undertake.

Why 2050?

The white stones that build the 2050 illustrate the “Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050” that we launched end of last year. The Challenge is Toyota`s vision on how we can contribute to a better society by actions today.




Last week our top management Dr Johan Van Zyl, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe, Masahisa Nagata, EVP and Karl Schlicht, EVP signed off the challenges symbolically.


Throughout June every Toyota employee in Europe is invited to endorse the challenge and pick one challenge which is the most exiting one for them.

I picked challenge nr 6 because for me it is important that we preserve nature and keep a good environment for our kids. Tell us which challenge inspires you most and why.

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