Another reason to fall in love with hybrid
Anastasia Stoliarova

When your Toyota hybrid has reached the end of its life, we believe it can be efficiently recycled. This includes the recycling of hybrid system’s high-voltage battery.

The battery pack is designed to outlast the lifetime of a car. Therefore, we normally recover the batteries only at the end of the vehicle life or in case of an accident.

At the moment we manage to collect and recycle 91% of our hybrid batteries arriving through our retailers.

Now we have taken up the new challenge to drastically increase the volumes of collected used hybrid batteries. We are aiming to collect 100% of them – coming not only from our network, but also from any authorised end-of-life vehicle (ELV) treatment operator across the whole Europe.


We’ve built up years of experience running an internal collection process with Toyota and Lexus retailers/repairers. It works pretty simply – we swap a new hybrid battery for an old one with Toyota and Lexus dealers. This is what gives us an average of 91% collection rate.

In order to increase the number of recycled batteries, they will now come from both our own network and from any authorised European ELV treatment operator. This is why in our today’s official press release we have announced the extension of the current battery recycling agreements.

For now we recycle used hybrid batteries, but we are also researching different options for remanufacturing, such as giving batteries a second life as vehicle-to-vehicle or vehicle-to-stationary energy source.

Giving hybrid owners not only the outstanding fuel efficiency and stress-free driving, we also want them to be reassured that their car excels in environmental performance during its entire lifecycle.  This, we hope, is another good reason to fall in love with hybrid.

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