European Commission visits Toyota Motor Europe’s R&D centre
Carol Coolsaet

Toyota Mirai is ready for the test drive

Engaging with stakeholders is always important. As such, we have recently hosted a “day out” for a division of DG Clima (from the European Commission) at our Technical Centre.

The main objective of the event was to introduce Toyota to the DG Clima group – more specifically: our ideas on low carbon technologies, how these are developed, and what the impact and effect is of legislative proposals they draft and prepare.

“DG Clima is a key stakeholder for TME. Among other topics, they are in charge of CO2 regulation, fuel quality, test-cycles, air quality” states Didier Stevens, Senior Manager TME European and Governmental Affairs.


In the presence of TME President Dr. Van Zyl, the day started with giving an overview of TME, our R&D centre and Toyota’s powertrain roadmap (Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, Electric Vehicles and Fuel Cell).


The route for I-Road test drives is curvy, of course!

DG Cima also presented its activities. Their most important dossiers concern biofuels, carbon capture and storage, shale gas, CO2 emissions from road transport, industrial gases such as f-gases and other ozone depleting substances and last but not least, supporting Member States, regions and cities to develop climate change adaptation strategies and action plans.

Following these presentations, the 45 DG Clima participants were invited to visit the R&D workshops (EMC chamber, Body area, Kinetics & Compliance, Engine bench, Chassis dyno and the analytical lab) and test-drive a hybrid cars (Yaris Hybrid or Lexus IS hybrid). All of this was topped off with the iRoad and the Toyota Mirai experience.

Toyota Safety Sense technology was also demonstrated with automatic emergency braking in the case a pedestrian would suddenly cross the street and then the effect of vehicle stability control when driving over a wet surface.


Toyota Safety Sense demonstration dummy



Short instructions and off you go!

Thanks to the support of many, especially the R&D colleagues, the day was an overwhelming success. “I would like to express once more my deep gratitude for the magnificent reception and visit that Toyota has provided to our staff during the away-day at TME R&D Centre. We were impressed by the professionalism and investment TME has done to provide us all a chance to contact your innovations and developments, as well as a better understanding of the challenges within the automotive industry. I can assure you that each and every one of those attending have enjoyed it immensely.” concluded Humberto Delgado Rosa (Director DG Clima).



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