From Race to Road : Eco Rally with the Prius
Chris Barrow

After a brief pit stop in Le Mans, Toyota Canada’s eco-racer, Vinh Pham, is heading to the South of France with his co-pilot to take part in this weekend’s Eco-Rally.

Vinh was selected to participate in the rally, that promotes driving regularity and fuel economy, following on from previous successes in other Alternative Energy Cup wins in Canada and Monaco.

Day one update: 

60 teams will take part in the competition that not only hopes to demonstrate the incredible fuel economy of a variety of vehicles but also to stimulate interest and investment in the Languedoc-Roussillon region.

As the photos below show, Vinh will be competing in the latest 4th generation Prius decked out in a suitably similar livery to the TS050 😉 allows you to follow Vinh’s progress.

Let’s wish them luck!

Day two update:

#EcoRallyPrius took on three special stages of regularity rally today at up to 65km/h including this great 30 minute endurance challenge at Pole Mecanique Ales (motorsports complex). Racing the clock on track had us at 4.2L/100km!

Day three update: HYBRID WINNERS!

After 2 days of challenges driving the latest 4th generation Toyota Prius in the Nimes Alés Eco Rally in the South of France, the eco-racers, Vinh and Alan from Toyota Canada have finished the race as the 1st placed Hybrid and 2nd overall – Amazing!!

The event saw 48 competitors battle it out against the clock for over 300km (and a third of the field were driving Toyota’s ;-)).

Really well done guys from all at Toyota Europe!

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