Green Month at Toyota Motor Europe
Sylvie Caira


2015 marks the 12th year that we support the Green Month Campaign.  First started in Japan in June 1973, today it’s a Global environmental awareness campaign across all Toyota activities and entities.

We are aiming at engaging employees and raising their environmental awareness on top of actual environmental activities that we undertake.

Starting from the 1st of June, Toyota Europe’s Atrium is equipped with 3 bio-zones that represent the efforts towards biodiversity at Toyota Manufacturing UK plant, Toyota Parts Centre Europe and our headquarters, Toyota Motor Europe.

To enumerate just a few remarkable points about each:


Toyota Manufacturing UK:

Toyota (GB) PLC:


Toyota Parts Centre Europe:


Toyota Motor Europe:


Oh, and the green benches by the way, are not so simple…


…they were made by our green partner Govaplast with recycled plastics that were originally used in the Prius PHEVs that operated in trial programmes throughout Europe. A true recycling BENCHmark, don’t you think?


But there is more to come, we will keep you updated on many other upcoming Green activities throughout the month of June.

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