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Chris Barrow

Hamburg, famous for having the world’s largest model railway and the beginning of our road trip.


So you won’t buy a hydrogen car because there is nowhere to refuel.  Wrong.  Our journey starts in Hamburg and specifically at the HafenCity hydrogen station, installed by Vattenfall Energy Company.

The hydrogen station in HafenCity, now fuelled by H2Mobility (http://h2-mobility.de/en/) demonstrates the ultimate way in which to refuel a hydrogen car in a sustainable way.  At least half of the hydrogen is produced on-site from the electrolysis of water (splitting it into its constituent parts Hydrogen and Oxygen) using electricity coming exclusively from renewable sources.  This reduces the need to transport off-site produced hydrogen to the station.

The resulting liberated hydrogen is then stored on-site in pressurised tanks until needed to refuel the hydrogen cars and buses of Hamburg.  It can currently provide up to 750kg of hydrogen per day (a typical fill up for a hydrogen car like our Mirai takes 5kg).

The site is currently used by up to 6 public buses and dozens of cars per day.


And here’s a word from the experts.

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