Chris Barrow
November 4, 2016
Hydrogen power comes to Honsha

Hydrogen Power At Toyota we believe that hydrogen as a fuel has a potential far beyond just powering cars. We also see it as a fuel for the whole society. The key element in transforming […]

Bart Eelen
September 7, 2016
The Dark Wizardry of the Toyota Prius Battery

In recent years, few discussions have become as entrenched as the alternative powertrain debate. Some argue that EVs are the only way forward. Others propagate the virtues of hydrogen. And that’s not to mention hybrids […]

Chris Barrow
June 25, 2016
From Race to Road : Eco Rally with the Prius

After a brief pit stop in Le Mans, Toyota Canada’s eco-racer, Vinh Pham, is heading to the South of France with his co-pilot to take part in this weekend’s Eco-Rally. Vinh was selected to […]

Catherine Marchal
June 14, 2016
A fragrant indoor garden to enjoy during Green Month

When you think of spring, you can almost smell freshly mowed grass and blossoming plants.  Who would expect this kind of smell in an office? Since a few days, this is reality in our Head […]

Carol Coolsaet
June 10, 2016
Toyota’s i-ROAD half way through Cité Lib by Ha:mo trial

No more getting wet on a bike or frustrated in case of missing a bus. That is, if you live in Grenoble. Do you remember that day when you missed the last bus? When it […]

Carol Coolsaet
April 22, 2016
Belgium is connecting to the growing European hydrogen station network with 1st public station in Zaventem

Last time we created some buzz around the 1st public hydrogen station to be constructed in Belgium (Zaventem), there wasn’t actually much to see. Except for a ceremony attended by high level people digging a […]

Jean Jacques Cornaert
March 13, 2016
Mirai Marathon

Toyota Mirai powers through long-distance road test   Over the winter, the hydrogen fuel cell powered Toyota Mirai successfully completed an extensive and demanding road test in Germany.  Even the most workaholic sales rep would […]

Betti Hornyak
February 23, 2016
Prius – the rebirth of the “original” hybrid

It is perhaps hard to believe that the Toyota Prius, the “original” hybrid, is entering its fourth generation. For almost two decades, it has helped reshape the way we think about motoring and the environment. […]

Jean Jacques Cornaert
January 26, 2016
Hydrogen station to open pathway to cleaner Belgian mobility

Work is proceeding smoothly with the construction of the first public hydrogen station in Belgium, which is scheduled to open by mid-year. Located on land belonging to Toyota Motor Europe in Zaventem, the opening of […]

Betti Hornyak
October 30, 2015
Fuel cell 2.0 at Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Tokyo Motor Show 2015 is welcoming its first visitors as we speak. Building on the enthusiasm with which the Mirai fuel cell car was received at its recent launch, Toyota presents 2 brand new fuel […]