Carol Coolsaet
July 16, 2015
European Commission visits Toyota Motor Europe’s R&D centre

Engaging with stakeholders is always important. As such, we have recently hosted a “day out” for a division of DG Clima (from the European Commission) at our Technical Centre.

Sylvie Caira
June 26, 2015
First guests ready to check into the new Toyota Motor Europe hotels… the bee story

A few days ago we got some new colleagues in Toyota Motor Europe (TME). Why is this a news? Because they are a bit different…

Sylvie Caira
June 8, 2015
Green Month at Toyota Motor Europe

2015 marks the 12th year that we support the Green Month Campaign.  First started in Japan in June 1973, today it’s a Global environmental awareness campaign across all Toyota activities and entities.

Bart Eelen
May 27, 2015
Toyota Motor Manufacturing France: In pursuit of Zero Purchased Industrial Water

Industrial water is used for all production processes in vehicle manufacturing. Next to energy and waste, it is one of the biggest environmental impacts we have in the automotive industry.

Chris Barrow
May 13, 2015
Toyota is the most environmentally friendly brand in Germany

Toyota awarded the most environmentally friendly brand in 2015 in Germany’s largest survey of fleet customers

Anastasia Stoliarova
February 6, 2015
Another reason to fall in love with hybrid

When your Toyota hybrid has reached the end of its life, we believe it can be efficiently recycled. This includes the recycling of hybrid system’s high-voltage battery.

Betti Hornyak
January 6, 2015
Toyota Opens the Door and Invites the Industry to the Hydrogen Future

More than 5,600 fuel cell and related patents available for royalty free use Patents include industry leading fuel cell technology used in new Toyota Mirai

Chris Barrow
December 12, 2014
Selling green cars the green way

In 2015 the Louwman Group will inaugurate a brand new sustainable dealership for Toyota/Lexus in Arnhem (The Netherlands). For Toyota, the environmental mobility pioneer, and Lexus the premium brand that has hybrid at its core.

Betti Hornyak
November 18, 2014
All you need to know about the new Mirai hydrogen car

The Mirai signals the start of a new age of vehicles. Using hydrogen – an important future energy source – to generate electricity, the Mirai achieves superior environmental performance with the convenience and driving pleasure expected of any car.

Jean Jacques Cornaert
November 14, 2014
Fuel cell: hybrid experience leading to the car of the future

Thanks to its hybrid knowledge, Toyota created the first fuel cell production car. It is a vehicle driven by an electric motor powered by the electricity generated by the chemical reaction between on-board hydrogen and airborne oxygen.