Toyota & Lexus are the cleanest cars in France for the third consecutive year
Bart Eelen

For the third consecutive year, Toyota and Lexus vehicles recorded the lowest average of CO2 emissions in the French market in 2014.

According to CO2 emission figures of all new vehicles sold in France in 2014*, Toyota and Lexus vehicles emitted the least CO2 – 105g/km in average. (see the bar chart below: average CO2 emissions by manufacturer)

This is the third consecutive year that Toyota and Lexus topped this ranking.



Toyota Group’s average improved by 3g/km compared to 2013, whereas the market average dropped by 3g/km, as well, to 114g/km.

Yaris Hybrid (75g/km) and Lexus CT 200h (82g/km) topped the Hybrid category (not plug-in). AYGO (88g/km) joined the top 10 of petrol engine cars with the least CO2 emissions.

More information (in French only) is available on ADEME’s website.

*Published by ADEME (Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Energie, which means Environment and Energy Management Agency in English), a French public agency tasked to implement policies related to environment, energy and sustainable development

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