For the third time in a row Toyota tops the AutoBild Quality Report
Chris Barrow

Proud to be the First

Cologne, Germany – Today we are very proud to be placed first in the 2014 AutoBild Quality Report. For the third consecutive year Toyota tops the Germany`s leading magazine quality ranking. And a clear victory it was; with an overall score of 2.0 Toyota ranked well ahead of the competition, proving to be the most reliable among the 20 highest-volume car brands in Germany.









The main contributors to the victory were the results of the TÜV Report and endurance tests of various Toyota models run by AutoBild independently. Other factors that were taken into consideration were: recalls handling, the results of workshop inspections and even the readers’ letters to the editor. In all of the above Toyota ended up in the top.

AutoBild conducted endurance tests of more than 100,000 km on several Toyota models – showing consistent vehicle reliability. Toyota’s hybrids did particularly well with the Toyota Prius finishing the 200,000 km test with the highest possible score.

It is already the 13th time that Toyota ranks in the top 10, and the 8th time in the top 5 in the older vehicle segment.

The AutoBild Quality Report was published in the issue the no. 50.

PS: To all the folks who love our cars and took time to write about it to AutoBild: Herzlichen Dank! 🙂


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