Live blog – 2014 Paris Motor Show : Fuel Cell Sedan
Sylvie Caira
Powering the future

A few seconds before the cloth falls down

We consider fuel cell to be a key technology to future mobility – and on our stand at Paris we have another showstopper: the Fuel Cell Sedan. After 20 years of development, our first production hydrogen car, the Fuel Cell Sedan will be coming to Europe in the summer of 2015, initially available in the UK, Germany and Denmark.


Live blog – 2014 Paris Motor Show : Toyota C-HR Concept

C-HR Concept: a strong hint at a future design direction for Toyota cars


Making its world debut and capturing everyone’s attention at the show is a vision of our future with Hybrid – the synthesis of 20 years of creativity – the C-HR Concept car. Just as the RAV4 brought a fresh and unique view to the 4×4 market in 1994, the Toyota C-HR Concept represents Toyota’s unique view of the compact crossover segment.


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