Chris Barrow
December 18, 2017
Hydrogen: Energy for a New Age

The Hydrogen Tour   The chicken or the egg.  An age old dilemma. You know the story, you need experience to get a job but you need a job to get experience. How does anything […]

Carol Coolsaet
September 4, 2017
Figure of the month: 90%

90% is the reduction of rear-end collisions thanks to Toyota’s set of advanced safety technologies. Instead of keeping safety features in a car only the happy few can afford, Toyota has been a strong advocate […]

Piotr Sandomierski
January 18, 2017
Toyota employees offer a helping hand in Belgium

They all work at Toyota Motor Europe (TME), have good ideas & a common goal – helping people in need. Who are they? They are the volunteers engaged in TOYOTA’s annual employee led corporate social […]

Anastasia Stoliarova
December 13, 2016
Toyota Hybrid beats Tesla in ADAC EcoTest

Five stars for the Prius even under stricter test conditions CO2 and pollutant emissions were also measured in real-world driving for the first time Prius Hybrid is also the most eco-friendly vehicle with combustion engine […]

Kaori Hasegawa
December 5, 2016
Wireless charging for xEV is on the way

Wireless charging for xEV – pronounced “ex-EV”and refers to pure electric vehicle (EV) or plug-in Hybrid (PHV) – is one of the hot areas of industry studies. The possibility to charge a vehicle without a […]

Andrew Girvan
October 27, 2016
Toyota Corolla’s 50th Birthday party in Brussels

October 2016 marks another great milestone for the Toyota Corolla, as the world’s most popular car celebrates its 50th anniversary. The first Toyota Corolla was introduced to Japan in 1966. It was designed to be […]

Catherine Marchal
October 20, 2016
Students immersed in the Toyota Way

Work experience is great asset when you try to find a job when you have finished school. Ed and Rob are two British students who had the chance to gain work experience over the last […]

Carol Coolsaet
August 1, 2016
‘Sustainable Mobility Indicators’ – What are they?

First things first: What are the Sustainable Mobility Indicators (SMI)? They are a set of indicators for cities to make a holistic evaluation of their existing mobility system. Designed within the World Business Council for […]

Carol Coolsaet
Air quality and congestion: no more excuses for mayors & city planners

London is discussing to extend its current ‘Ultra Low Emission’ zone in the city centre before 2020 as initially planned. In Paris, in an attempt to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 75% by 2050, the […]

Anastasia Stoliarova
July 15, 2016
Toyota EverTest – a trial by Mount Everest

The Dream, the Dare The large-scale Toyota EverTest project is complete. For three months – April, May and June 2016 – the expedition united brave and strong-minded mountaineers who took the challenge of the world’s […]