Exclusive: TS040 HYBRID teaser video
Carol Coolsaet

All will be revealed end of March

So, you’ve seen the teaser images, you’ve heard its roar, now prepare for another taste of the TS040 HYBRID with our 2014 season trailer. Click through the break to catch exclusive new video.TOYOTA Racing’s new car has taken part in several tests so far in 2014, but this exclusive video shows Alex Wurz and Anthony Davidson in action during the very first test of the year, at Paul Ricard in France.

If you look closely, you can see the lines of the new-for-2014 machine, which is 10cm narrower than its predecessor and features updated aerodynamics as well as many under-the-skin improvements.

This Paul Ricard test represented the first time TOYOTA Racing ran with four-wheel drive hybrid since the evaluation runs at the beginning of 2012, after which it was decided to select a rear motor option as four-wheel hybrids were not permitted.

With the regulations now allowing four-wheel hybrid boost for the first time, TOYOTA Racing has reverted to the solution it originally envisaged for the TS030 HYBRID during its development phase. The four-wheel hybrid LMP1 car is re-born for 2014!

For those of you surprised by the colour – don’t worry, we haven’t shocked everyone with a 2012-style colour change. We’ll still be predominantly blue, white and red, although the new livery – which will be revealed at the March 27 car lunch – is rather different to the TS030.

And for those who, like many members of the team, simply love the car in carbon black – sorry! The stickering guys are busy ‘dressing’ the TS040 HYBRID for its public debut, but we think it will be well worth it.

The car will run in public for the first time, alongside all WEC entries, during the Prologue test at Paul Ricard on 28-29 March and fans can enter for free on the Saturday.

See you all there!

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