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Toyota Europe

Curious yet?

It’s Friday, and we’ve got a couple of fun videos for your viewing pleasure and to help you get the weekend started. Click through the break to check them out.









The Station Wagon”

Curiosity is what drives new adventures and new discoveries. Join us on a fantastic journey with the all-new Toyota Auris Hybrid Touring Sports in our latest TV commercial, exclusive full length feature on our YouTube Channel.

The Alternative

Summer has finally arrived in our part of Europe (Belgium in our case). Toyota in the Canary Islands ran a very innovative and fun campaign earlier this year called #LaAlternativa (“The Alternative”) to promote the new Toyota Auris Hybrid. With fuel prices rising, motorists now have a real alternative to combat the high costs of their mobility needs with Toyota’s efficient hybrid technology.

Passers-by were asked to “like” our brand, and in return, we showed them what it feels like for the brand when it is “liked”.

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