German driver becomes Toyota’s millionth hybrid customer in Europe, goes home with two Auris Hybrids
Carol Coolsaet

When he got up in the morning of November 11th, Victor Dugonics was already excited.

A few days before, we called him to let him know he was the millionth customer in Europe to choose a hybrid from Toyota.

When he arrived at the showroom of Autohaus Yvel in Dusseldorf, his excitement just about doubled: his wife was offered a second Auris Hybrid to enjoy for a year, free of charge.
Victor came to hybrid through his work. The company he works for has hybrid buses and he got to drive them. He was interested to switch to hybrid for the environmental performance and the quietness these cars offer.  He chose an Auris.
This  is a growing trend in Western Europe – more than half of all Auris models sold there are equipped with our efficient combination of an electric motor and petrol engine.

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