Hydrogen: Energy for a New Age
Chris Barrow

The Hydrogen Tour


The chicken or the egg.  An age old dilemma. You know the story, you need experience to get a job but you need a job to get experience. How does anything new get off the ground when both sides of the argument need some sort of kick start?

The same could be said of the Hydrogen Society, and especially linked to transport.  Many companies, and especially Toyota, are developing hydrogen powered vehicles but why would anyone want to buy a car that they cannot refuel anywhere due to the lack of fuelling stations?

To try and dispel the myths, we at Toyota Motor Europe set out on a Hydrogen Society Tour.  A road trip with a difference.

We drove from Hamburg in the North of Germany, to Stuttgart in the glorious state of Baden-Württemberg in the South and back, racking up a total of 900km of emission-free driving.

And contrary to a typical road test, the invited media were not only there to test our car – the Mirai, (although it did serve as means of transport throughout the trip) but to see what is happening today with regards to hydrogen production and distribution.  The aim being to demonstrate that hydrogen is neither the chicken nor the egg and that through close collaboration we can make the Hydrogen Society and the transition from our dependence on carbon, a reality.

Follow our journey through Germany over the next 5 posts, enjoy!

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