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Sylvie Caira

Toyota New Global Architecture

Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 marks the European premiere of the very first TNGA built vehicle – The New Prius, and we are thrilled to tell you more about the concept:

Toyota New Global Architecture – TNGA will be the foundation for all our future powertrain and vehicle development. It marks a revolution in the way we design, engineer and build cars. To keep it simple : the processes will be streamlined by standardizing the size and position of key components within standard new vehicle platforms. This is the foundation of our mission to build ever-better cars.

Equally, it is transforming the way we build cars, introducing the most fundamental improvements to the world known Toyota Production System. The long term benefits will be : smaller, more flexible factories with production lines that can quickly and easily be adapted to meet different manufacturing requirements.

The new Prius uses the first TNGA platform to be developed, which will also underpin a other future models.

We took the concept of platform sharing to a high level with TNGA : we standardized components and their lay-out across different vehicle segments, and brought own operations as well the suppliers’ up to speed from the very beginning.

With TNGA you will be able to enjoy more stylish cars that are safer and more enjoyable to drive. At the same time, we will vastly reduce the number and variety of different components, enabling smarter development and manufacturing that will increase efficiency and save time.


Improved driving dynamics with a low centre of gravity

TNGA directly contributes to making cars more enjoyable to drive. The new TNGA platforms are designed to achieve a low car centre of gravity, which drives engaging driving position and more precise and responsive handling.

TNGA introduces new, defined lay-out rules for the position of different state-of-the-art components which will simplify the design in key areas without compromising the styling, individual character and appeal.


Styling freedom

Although with TNGA we produced a standardised vehicle architecture and many uniform components, do not think it will lead to a range of vehicles that are similar in design and look. The impact of TNGA is on areas that are not in your sight, so that our designers keep the freedom to produce edgy cars with own individuality.

TNGA actually empowers our designers to produce stylish vehicles with a lower stance and more appealing proportions, as can be seen in the new Prius and the C-HR Concept car.


Improved safety 

With the new TNGA platforms and designs we have prioritised the highest active and passive safety standards. We designed them to meet the highest standards of independent crash testing programmes worldwide and provide impressive levels of active and preventive safety with the Toyota Safety Sense.


Smart development and manufacturing

With TNGA we not only create ever better cars, we also make our manufacturing more flexible, improving the Toyota Production System.  Our factories will become smaller and more flexible, better able to respond quickly and easily to accommodate new or additional models.

Production lines mounted on the floor rather than being suspended from above will be simpler to install and adjust in length. We will enable multiple models to be produced from the same line. Changes in design and specifications will also be simpler and quicker to achieve. TNGA will also make or manufacturing more environmental, as we will use the equipment that is not only more compact, but also uses less energy.

Needless to say, we can not wait to bring you more exciting, TNGA built models, and for now you can enjoy the sight of the new Prius and CH-R Concept car at our booth in Hall 8, stand D19.


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