Interview with a little artist
Betti Hornyak

This was a meeting I was very much looking forward to. Toyota’s Dream Car Art Contest is one of my favourite projects of the company as engaging with kids and let them express how they imagine the future of cars and mobility results every year in fantastic ideas.

I went to meet Lucas (winner of the European Dream Car Competition, 2nd place in the Worldwide Contest!) in Paris, at the Rendez-Vous Toyota.  I was not sure what it would be like to interview a 7 year old boy and how easy it would be to make him tell everything about his trip to Japan and the participation to the World Contest but I was equally curious & excited to figure it out.

Lucas arrived with his mum holding his little artwork. He seemed a bit intimidated by the situation (normal!) but quickly settled once we started talking about his drawing.

Lucas European Dream Car Art Contest winner

Tell us about your drawing, what does it represent? How did you come up with this idea?

It is a future wind-powered space car, which is a self-driving car. It also recycles its own waste products and transforms into energy. This way it does not pollute and our planet becomes a better world.



How did you hear about the Toyota Dream Car Contest?

We were walking on the Champs-Elysees with my parents and came into the Rendez-Vous Toyota… this is where we saw the competition.


How did you know that you were the European winner and that you can go to Japan with your parents?

We have received a letter from Toyota.


Did you tell your friends at school that you won and that you were going to the World Competition to Japan?

No. They would have never believed me.


What program did you like the most in your Japanese trip?

Euuh I don’t know, there were so many things to do.. Ah yes, we went to Legoland, that was really cool. And also, we saw a Toyota Robot that was playing the violin… it was pretty amazing.


Do you like Japanese things?

I love sushi, we often eat those at home as well. My dad even bought me a pair of socks which look like sushi  (laughs). And I also read mangas. I already started my second book.


What do you like doing?

I love playing video games and collecting cards. We often exchange them with my classmates at school. Well, we only do it after school (he quickly adds this looking at his mum).


And what is your favourite subject at school?

(I was sure about an answer like ‘Art’ but he said without hesitation): recreation.

European Dream Car Art Contest winner

What do you wanna become when you will be a grown-up?

A doctor or a vet.


Will you participate again in the Toyota Dream Car Contest?

Oh yes, I already have 2 super ideas… – but when I tried asking about the details he remained silent. “I don’t wanna tell because I want to win again and go back to Japan!”


Well, this I can understand.

And if you also have kids (under 15y) with endless imagination and a pencil register them to the 10th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest. Download your entry kit here.




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