It’s the same, but is it…? Toyota at Tokyo Motor Show 2013
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Toyota FCV Concept

Toyota’s pioneering hydrogen-powered fuel cell car, the Toyota FCV Concept, will have its world debut at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show starting November 20. Don’t worry if you can’t make it, we’ve got all the juicy bits after the break. Click through to find out.

In some ways, there are more similarities than you might expect between the Concept Fuel Cell vehicle and any conventional car. It takes roughly three minutes to refuel it – about the same as a petrol car – and it can seat up to four people.

The design of the exterior gives some clues as to just how radical an innovation this vehicle is. While its bold front view features pronounced air intakes, the sleek side view conveys the air to water transformation of the fuel cell electric system with its flowing-liquid door profile and wave-motif fuel cap. At the rear the theme seamlessly finishes to convey a catamaran’s stern and the flow of water behind.

Air to water transformation design

The Concept has a driving range of at least 500km, with the electric drive motor enabling powerful acceleration. The fuel cell system is equipped with Toyota’s high-efficiency boost converter. Increasing the voltage in this way has made it possible to offer enhanced performance at a reduced cost.

What’s more, fully fuelled, the vehicle can provide enough electricity to meet the daily needs of an average home for more than a week.


Here’s a video of our prototype fuel cell vehicle undergoing tests:

The Toyota FCV Concept won’t be alone on the stand of course. We’ll also be showcasing a truly imaginative concept embodying our “Fun to Drive” philosophy. Check back in a day or two and we’ll tell you all about this really exciting addition to our line-up!

Here’s what else we have in store in Tokyo:

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Updated: 25/11/2013 10:00 CET

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  1. FunToDrive says:

    Fun To Drive : Nice news. The sporty versions of the Aqua is also very nice. One sad thing is the lack of bigger minivans/family cars from Toyota on the European market. For exa mple we lack a car similar to the Sienna or the Alphard/Previa. Please bring one back to our market as well, so we don’t have to buy other brands.

  2. Petros Miliopoulos : I sense that the spawn of the collaboration between Toyota & BMW will be present.

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