Live blog – 2014 Paris Motor Show : Fuel Cell Sedan
Sylvie Caira
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A few seconds before the cloth falls down

We consider fuel cell to be a key technology to future mobility – and on our stand at Paris we have another showstopper: the Fuel Cell Sedan. After 20 years of development, our first production hydrogen car, the Fuel Cell Sedan will be coming to Europe in the summer of 2015, initially available in the UK, Germany and Denmark.


emissions? Water vapor

Emissions? Water vapor

At first glance you could be mistaken for thinking you were looking at a conventional petrol powered sedan, but look a little closer and you’ll see that beneath its body sits the future of sustainable motoring.

In place of the much-loved combustion engine sits something completely new: a fuel cell stack. Hydrogen, which can be manufactured from natural energies such as solar and wind, reacts with oxygen from the air to generate electricity. Working independently or both together, the hydrogen fuel cell along with electricity stored in a battery can take you wherever you want to go.

And the most incredible thing: the only emission from the exhaust is water vapour! Combine this with a refuelling time of around three minutes and driving range of over 500km, and space for four, and you can see that the Fuel Cell Sedan offers the flexibility of a conventional car, without any of the harmful drawbacks.

It will take time, and we will take it step-by-step, but we are positive that in the not-too distant future fuel cell cars will become a common sight on our roads. There’s no question that the future looks bright, but for the here and now Hybrid technology remains at the core of our business. Hybrid has become synonymous with Toyota and vice-versa, and we expect it to be the powertrain of choice for the majority of the market.

With nearly half of all Auris, and over a third of Yaris sales powered by hybrid, this technology has become a real differentiator for Toyota.

Stay with us and discover what happens here hour by hour: follow @toyota_europe and use the hashtag #ToyotaParis

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