Live from Geneva Motor Show – Day 1
Bart Eelen


So here we are, at the opening of the 85th International Geneva Motor Show. Everything is ready to welcome first the media (3-4th March) & then the public in the 10 days that follow.

Where to start… ? Ah yes, cars! What do we actually show today? Let’s see ..


New Avensis

Designed, engineered and built in Europe, our new D-segment player has arrived.  More dynamic exterior, great looking LED headlamps and a fantastic interior… wherever you put your hands it’s quality, soft touch material, there’s a huge (8”) multimedia touch screen and a really fancy new instrument binnacle, with tubed  speedometer and tachometer and a  TFT multi information screen – which even reads you the road signs – in between. Everywhere, chrome highlights and super quality materials remind you that you are sitting in a real premium vehicle. Of course the driving has improved as well, the new Avensis has received 2 new diesel engines and the noise level has been reduced to a surprisingly low level. And seen the equipment level you get for your money, it’s a really good deal!



This model has been known for its quality-durability and reliability (it has even won the J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Award in 2014 in Germany)  and now, with the new Toyota Safety Sense, it also becomes a star in terms of safety, and the perfect travel companion.



New Auris

Auris has many talents, but perhaps its biggest differentiator is its hybrid powertrain. The Auris Hybrid now has a CO2  as low as 79 (!!!) g/km – no surprise that this is the most sold hybrid model in Europe.

But if you’re not shopping for a hybrid, there is still plenty of choice with the  new Auris. Take the brand new 1.2T  turbocharged petrol engine, the new 1.6 D-4D diesel engine or the 1.4 D-4D that has been improved so much that it is now one of the most efficient in its class.  This model gets a new look as well (and what a look!) and its interior will leave you speechless, we can guarantee you.



Toyota Mirai

Even though we have talked quite a lot about and sales have already started in Japan, Geneva Motor Show marks the official  European Premiere of our hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicle. By now, probably everyone knows, but we would  like to remind you anyway… IT ONLY EMITS WATER!!!! How is this possible? Watch our video.

There will be people doubting the viability of this technology – just like there were many questioning the feasibility of hybrid vehicles. But hybrid became popular, and today, many are following Toyota’s example.  See where we are coming from?  Toyota is again pioneering a very important technology, that is essential in a world that is running out of fossil fuel and that is in bad need of a clean-up



Stand animations

As weird as it might sound there are ninjas on the Toyota stand. Well, we can explain. Toyota is presenting Toyota Safety Sense, a set of newly developed active safety technologies. The aim is that these safety features prevent or mitigate collisions, just like ninjas would protect you from an intruder. Every hour there is a martial art demonstration by professionals and you can also take your own safety pose (you can either share it on social networks or simply walk away with your memorable image).

martial art demonstration


But back to serious business. The Toyota Safety Sense consists of:

–         Pre-Collision System (PCS) which detects object ahead of the vehicle and reduces the risk of hitting the car in front

–         Lane Departure Alert (LDA) monitors lane markings and if you leave your lane without indicating, it will warn you.

–         Automatic High Beam (AHB) detects other vehicles’ lights and adjust automatically high and low beam

–         Road Sign Alert (RSA) reads road signs for you, and displays them on the dash

To make it clearer, have a look at the light-hearted videos that explain what this is all about.



Come and see us on the Toyota stand or follow us for more news on Twitter! #ToyotaGeneva





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