Live from Paris Motor Show 2014
Betti Hornyak

Press conference crowd is getting bigger

7 a.m. countdown

Hello folks, we are in Paris and we are counting down the minutes before the start of Paris Motor Show Press day one. And it promises to be an exciting motor show, we hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are.

We have a lot up the sleeve: you have already seen our young and funky New 2014 Aygo and New 2014 Yaris – designed in Europe and for Europe – but not quite in the way you will see them today in Paris.

Debuting in Paris, Toyota iROAD, which some lucky ones had already have a chance to test in Grenoble has much improved compared to its concept shown less than 2 years ago.

The car of the future is also here – Toyota Fuel Cell Sedan. Crazy part is – just earlier this year it was a concept car, and now we will be unveiling the ready to be commercialized vehicle: it can carry 4 people, it can drive as far as a petrol car and can be refueled in 3 minutes AND only emits water.


All eyes on the blue cloth

And already today the new, long-anticipated Toyota C-HR Crossover Concept will be unveiled for everybody who awaited for a hybrid-powered compact crossover – with the new design approach, architecured in Europe.







Stay with us and discover what happens here hour by hour: follow @toyota_europe and use the hashtag #ToyotaParis

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