One unusual, and entertaining, RAV4 test drive
Toyota Europe

First time off-roader

Picture this, you’re an actress. Your get a call from a major car manufacturer to star in an upcoming commercial. The brief was simple but the execution… Well, watch for yourself after the break.

Toyota Belgium shared  this really entertaining clip from their new Toyota RAV4 campaign. They hired an actress to film a normal, honest testimonial of a test drive in the RAV4.

What she didn’t know was, this was a test drive like no others. As soon as the driver decided to take a shortcut, our actress stopped acting…

See for yourself. We’ve also included all our current RAV4 videos in this playlist for your viewing pleasure.

Welcome to the incredible off-road features of the all-new Toyota RAV4!

Find out more about the RAV4 here

Disclaimer: This video was filmed in controlled conditions with the stunts performed by professional drivers.

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