Carol Coolsaet
July 7, 2016
The third Toyota TS050 Hybrid WEC racing car: a well-kept secret unveiled

The press has been closely watching the performance of both Toyota TS050 racing cars that participate in this year’s WEC competition. But there is a third one that we have found out about and that […]

Chris Barrow
June 25, 2016
From Race to Road : Eco Rally with the Prius

After a brief pit stop in Le Mans, Toyota Canada’s eco-racer, Vinh Pham, is heading to the South of France with his co-pilot to take part in this weekend’s Eco-Rally. Vinh was selected to […]

Sylvie Caira
June 23, 2016
Mobility around your shoulders? How does it work? Project Blaid

Have you heard about the Blaid device? It is our way to help the blind and visually impaired people to increase their mobility, and one example of how we are working on shaping the future […]

Carol Coolsaet
May 3, 2016

Can you believe that Toyota has just built its 10 millionth car in Europe? It is a big number to try to imagine, but if you parked each one nose-to-tail, they would just about circle […]

Anastasia Stoliarova
April 14, 2016
Toyota Yaris – indestructible through generations / by ADAC

It is often said that the a model launch brings a breath of fresh air to the whole segment. First introduced in Europe in April 1999, Toyota Yaris entered the B-segment shoulder to shoulder with […]

Anastasia Stoliarova
March 31, 2016
Toyota’s Time Machine, the Setsuna Concept – more details unveiled

Hello folks, we are happy to update you on our previous post about the Setsuna Concept and share some gorgeous close-ups before you can visit Milan Design Week next month and “knock on wood” (gently, please). […]

Anastasia Stoliarova
March 8, 2016
Setsuna. Not just a car. A friend for life

Toyota’s Setsuna Concept Car Debuts at Milan Design Week Not another concept car! Exactly right. The Setsuna is not simply another concept car. It’s so different, so unique, so aesthetically beautiful and wonderfully crafted that […]

Carol Coolsaet
December 21, 2015
German driver becomes Toyota’s millionth hybrid customer in Europe, goes home with two Auris Hybrids

When he got up in the morning of November 11th, Victor Dugonics was already excited. A few days before, we called him to let him know he was the millionth customer in Europe to choose a […]

Betti Hornyak
December 15, 2015
Interview with a little artist

This was a meeting I was very much looking forward to. Toyota’s Dream Car Art Contest is one of my favourite projects of the company as engaging with kids and let them express how they imagine the […]

Anastasia Stoliarova
December 14, 2015
It all started with a cake … how we donated a Toyota PROACE and 26 000 Euros to charity

Cake bake sales, book sales, parties, quiz nights, lotteries, photo sessions and many different fundraising activities became a second job for various Toyota Motor Europe’s teams over a two-month period between October and November. It […]