Toyota Corolla’s 50th Birthday party in Brussels
Andrew Girvan

October 2016 marks another great milestone for the Toyota Corolla, as the world’s most popular car celebrates its 50th anniversary.

The first Toyota Corolla was introduced to Japan in 1966. It was designed to be a “people’s car”. The name Corolla originates from the Latin term for ‘crown of flowers’, it was chosen in the hope that the vehicle would bloom in the automotive market – and bloom it did!

Fast forward 50 years and the Toyota Corolla is the world’s number one selling car with over 44 million units having been produced globally. In Europe the Corolla is built at Toyota’s plant in Turkey.

We in Toyota Motor Europe’s Head Office in Brussels have decided to mark the Corollas half century by collecting a bunch of heritage Corollas and  a lunchtime cake themed with 1960’s music.

What will the Toyota Corolla look like in another 50 years, it may be a flying version!

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