Toyota ‘Crown’ Turns 60
Jean Jacques Cornaert

1st Toyopet Crown 1955

Sixty years ago this week, Toyota launched the “Crown”, a luxury sedan that would go on to become the company’s longest-running passenger-car nameplate and a significant vehicle in the history of the Japanese automobile industry.

In 1958 the Crown became the first Japanese passenger car to be exported to the United States, and also started Toyota’s passenger car exports to Africa in 1957 and Europe in 1962. Now in its 14th generation, its foremost models are the Crown Royal deluxe saloon and the Crown Athlete sports sedan, both with hybrid powertrain options.

In Japan, Toyota is marking the anniversary with the introduction of limited-time-only sky blue and bright green exterior body colors.


Toyota Crown Milestones

January 1955      First generation launched
April 1957      Exported to Ethiopia, Africa
August 1958      Exported to the United States
October 1962      Second generation launched
December 1963      Exported to Denmark, Europe
February 1965      Exported to Canada
February 1967      Assembly begins in Australia
September 1967      Third generation launched
February 1971      Fourth generation launched
October 1974      Fifth generation launched
September 1979      Sixth generation launched
August 1983      Seventh generation launched
September 1987      Eighth generation launched
October 1991      Ninth generation launched
December 1995      10th generation launched
October 2001      11th generation launched
December 2003      12th generation launched
March 2005      Production begins in China
February 2008      13th generation launched
December 2012      14th generation launched

1955 Crown model RS

1955 Toyopet Crown 1st

1955 Toyopet Crown 1st

1957 Crown Okinawa taxi

1957 Sample Crown US

1958 US export Crown

1962 Crown RS40

1962 Toyopet Crown 2nd

1967 Crown MS50

1967 Toyopet Crown 3rd

1971 Crown 4th

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