Toyota Yaris – indestructible through generations / by ADAC
Anastasia Stoliarova

It is often said that the a model launch brings a breath of fresh air to the whole segment. First introduced in Europe in April 1999, Toyota Yaris entered the B-segment shoulder to shoulder with Opel Corsa and VW Polo. But never before was a supermini made so reliable – says ADAC.*


This is still true today: 17 years, 3 generations and countless facelifts later, the Yaris maintains its “indestructible” reputation (This is not an exaggeration – to quote yet another German AUTOrity – TÜV in its Reliability Report 2016 – it placed the Yaris in the Top 10 three times: in categories 6-7, 8-9 and 10-11 year old vehicles, naming it “the indestructible Toyota in the form of a Yaris”)

The recently published 2015 yearly ADAC Breakdown statistics report ranks the European-built Yaris yet again high at the top of the QDR list in B-segment.


How does it work?

ADAC is primarily serving the European motor public as road assistance service and an independent automotive authority when it comes to vehicle reliability evaluation. “The breakdown statistics is a great point of reference should one wish to estimate the probability of the breakdown of your vehicle.” – says ADAC.

ADAC’s Breakdown statistics methodology calculates the amount of breakdowns per 1000 registered vehicles adding the coefficient of mileage driven per year. This helps better assess the frequency of breakdowns, since it tends to increase with the number of kilometres driven. The colour code key assists faster assessment: the best 15% performers throughout the segment are coloured dark green, after that come equally distributed – light green, yellow and orange grades and lastly the worst 5% – are given red colour (which none of Toyota’s ever had):

Toyota Yaris : Breakdowns registered in the calendar year 2014

*ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e.V.) General German Automobile Club) is an automobile club in Germany, founded on May 24, 1903. With more than 19 million members it is the largest automobile club in Europe.

The Reliability Timeline


The 1st generation Toyota Yaris has arrived in Europe in April 1999. Designed at Toyota’s ED2 studio in France, Yaris was stylish, characterful and purposely European in flavour, with a relatively tall, spacious and organically shaped body built around the central design concept of the human dimension.


The 2nd generation Toyota Yaris

Chief engineer Kousuke Shibahara was developing a product that remained faithful to the Yaris DNA of advanced packaging and technology, interior space and versatility, comfort, safety and performance. Once again designed by Toyota’s ED2 facility in France, the new car launched in 2006 and sat on a new platform that was bigger in all dimensions.


The 3rd generation Toyota Yaris

Three years in the making, the third-generation car launched in 2011 and was instantly recognisable as a Yaris. Toyota’s production facility in France achieved the production milestone of two million units in October 2011 – there were now more Yaris models on the road in Europe than any other car in Toyota’s history.


The Hybrid

The new Yaris Hybrid arrived in July 2012 and had the privilege of being the most technically advanced derivative in the model’s history and the first hybrid in the B-segment – a distinction it still holds.



Such was the importance of hybrid within the Yaris line-up that the mid-life refresh launched in the latter half of 2014 applied the Hybrid’s more assertive lower grille treatment and the new Aygo’s ‘X’ motif to the rest of the range.

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